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Spalte "Acc." : acc = mit Begleitung, 2v = 2 Stimmen.

TitelRechteAcc.DauerAktualisierungKomponist und Informationen
Mixer - Jig
3 cercles - Pull to stop the engine-acc1'36s06/12/20093 traditional tunes regrouped et named by Diwall. (One irish jig and two tarentelles).
3 cercles Manigances (Jig-Reel-Reel)Droits2v+acc2'4s31/08/2009
All fool's day-36s
Bill Hartes-36s03/06/2005
Black Nag-36sMore infos
Cercle Jig 1-36s13/04/2005
Cercle Jig 2-36s
Cercle Jig 3-36s
Cercle n°2-28s
Cumberland Reel-acc36s19/02/2023
Down by the hills-32s13/04/2005
Gillians's apples-1'7s30/11/2006
Going to the well for water-54s
Jig-1'12s19/03/2016D'après Kathrin Tickell
St Chartier 1989
Transc. P.P.
Jig (Danse du captaine)-acc35s01/11/2019
Jig de "Gwendal"-1'12s
Jig de Coelberg-acc16s
Jig de Waring-36s
Jig à Daniel-36s
Jig_irlandaise 2
Jump at the sunDroits32s16/11/2004J. Kirkpatrick--> WebSite
Kevin Mac Tiernan's jig-36s
Mickey the moulder &Tatter jack welsh (Folles Cadences)-1'12s07/01/2007Mickey is better known as The Connaughtman's Rambles
Montfarine Da Bernardo-2v+acc33s14/02/2014Trad (Alpes) Export MP3
Moon and the seven stars-2v32s08/02/2020English trad
Morning Dew + ???-54s18/10/2006
Name would be welcome !-32s25/10/2017
Out on the Ocean-acc36s
Saddle the pony-3v+acc36s19/02/2023
Tarentelle (Italie)-32s29/03/2005
Tarentelle 2-acc48s27/03/2007
Tarentelle 3-27s13/04/2007
The Connachtman's Rambles-32s
The Irish Washerwoman-3v+acc31s03/05/2014
The Kesh jig-acc32s14/06/2017The Kincora jig
The Lark in the Morning-acc1'12s
The blackthorn stick-36s14/06/2017
The boys of the town-acc36s
The humour of Trim-42s10/06/2016
The plane tree-2v32s08/02/2020Undine Hornby
Tony Hall-2v+acc32s22/04/2005
Wedding Tarantella-2v+acc1'19s07/02/2010
Wedding Tarantella (FC)-2v+acc2'5s14/03/2014Arr. Folles Cadences

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