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  • All scores marked '-' in column "Rights" are believed as free use, (traditionnals or as public domain). If you know one that is wrong, please let me know and I will correct it.
  • All scores marked "Rights"ARE NOT IN PUBLIC DOMAIN. Their use may be subjective to payement of rights, according to your country rules.

  • All tunes are the property of their author.
  • The versions presented here are my transcriptions of the arrangements that are played (or was played) by Loufolk or Folles Cadences. They do not want to be any reference, nor take place of any other source.
  • Tunes names are the one that was heard or given by Loufolk or Folles Cadences. If you know another name for a tune, let me know for update.
  • I do not give any guarantee about the tunes presented here. If you are reading anything written below, your do it under you full responsability and you do it with full acceptation of these warnings.

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I done the english translation myself. You may see some mistakes... Please let me know how to correct them!

You are welcome if you want to help me to translate some texts in your language. Please let you Contact me.

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